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Note: Get to know what different types of Hong Kong girls you can meet here!

There's a lot to do with your date - You can't get bored in this city.

By doing something not-so-ordinary you will show your date you’ve given your time together some thought and this effort will not go unnoticed.

Being out and about also ensures you and your date will always have things to talk about.

Gain access to • audio interviews for expats • a sample of the controversial e-book 'Art of The Date' • a 9 step Self-Study Course that I've refined to help expats like you Have fun dating in Asia!

Timothy is a student at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears! A romantic at heart, Tim hopes to rid the stigma of online dating and help others find someone special to share their lives with.

So if you want to meet and date beautiful Hong Kong women then you'll need more than charm and personality…you'll need connections.

Are you bored of doing the usual drinks or dinner on the first date? In Hong Kong we’re out for dinner or drinks almost every night of the week with our friends or colleagues so it’s not a novel thing to do.

In fact, it’s a little tired and should be retired.

Moving to Hong Kong and want to know what Hong Kong dating is like?

After living there for half a year I've gotten to check out the scene and meet both locals and expats here. Whether you're just visiting or have made a move here - there are women from everywhere open to date.

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