Dating game set design

Between the 1950s and 1960s, with mainframe computers becoming available to campus colleges, students and others started to develop games that could be played at terminals that accessed the mainframe. , developed by Harvard and MIT employees Martin Graetz, Steve Russell, and Wayne Wiitanen.

Prior to the 1970s, there was no significant commercial aspect of the video game industry, but many advances in computing would set the stage for the birth of the industry.Hitchhiker is a mystery game set along lost highways.You’re a hitchhiker on a strange journey, unable to remember who you are or where you’re headed.Your driver, a farmer, wants to help you, and his personal memories and recollections provide an unexpected window into your own backstory. until a chance slip-up exposes a pattern of deception, secret correspondences and cruel design.From there, the road is full of surprising turns that will challenge every assumption you’ve made along the way.

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