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The group is committing these robberies to gather money for Kurtz's heroin addicted son (Justin Chatwin) to escape the access to drugs he has in LA.Now undercover as Officer Poncherello he arrives at his assigned station.Officer Perez begins CPR and the air unit is called in to airlift Baker to a hospital while Kurtz escapes easily.Following the incident, Castillo is held responsible by the FBI Agent in charge of the case for the 3 CHP officers and 2 FBI agents that were injured.

The film begins with a getaway driver waiting for his crew in a Miami bank.

During that argument, the robbery crew makes another attempt at an armored truck job.

The crew shoots and kills two CHP Officers during the attempt prompting a police response.

Following a long time in a public restroom, Baker accuses Ponch of masturbating multiple times a day to refrain from his sexual addiction.

As they discuss the issue, Ponch brings up the fact that if Baker hasn't had sex with his wife for than a year, it obviously means that someone is doing her for him.

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In Miami, Castillo's boss Agent Peterson (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) notifies him that his actions resulted in the Bureau convening a review panel to consider terminating Castillo from the FBI.

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