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Marriage in Islam starts with the recognition that we are not complete without a woman, or without a man if you’re a woman.But the critical part of male/female relationships is in setting up a social context where men and women can meet each other under proper circumstances that do not degenerate into vile speech or actions.Adultery is punished by death because adultery brings the death of marriage and family.Adultery is a termite that undermines the pillars of nationhood.When we become one with Allah (God)—as the Holy Qur’an says: “Oh, soul that is at rest well pleasing with thy Lord and well pleased”—you have reached a state of bliss in the human existence after a long process filled with trials.

What kind of sailor are you to set out to sea only prepared to sail if the waters are calm?But it can never be if a woman sees another woman coming after her husband or a man sees another man coming after his wife. A Brother cannot say he loves the brotherhood if his desire for sexual contact with a married woman is more important than the brotherhood that we are trying to build.A Sister cannot say that she loves the sisterhood if her desire for a married man takes precedence over the sisterhood.If you are a sailor, you sail in all kinds of weather.You try to navigate your ship through the storm and do what is necessary for your ship and its cargo to survive.

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