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What can you do to change the minds and sway the hearts of people living in a town with a reputation – true or not – for supporting anti-Islam politics?According to a metropolitan Melbourne restaurateur and human-rights activist, you pack 22 Muslim women on a bus, send them to the location in question, and ask the locals out on a date.“The first thing mum asked me was about female genital mutilation!

And so last week, Speed Date A Muslim was held in Shepparton.There is a very, very small percentage of the community who feel that way [against Muslims],” says Constable Walker. very few issues at all.” As Assafiri looks ahead to the endless possibilities of a Speed Date A Muslim event series –around the country, she tells SBS she doesn’t want to preach to the converted.“Social change only happens if you can walk the journey of those that you are wanting to engage,” says Assafiri.People swapped numbers, photos of their kids, Facebook friend requests.Plates of food were brought out as the local footy players began to drift in after their Sunday game.

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