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For information on confidential reporting and survivor advocacy, visit If you are encountering problems when resolving particular names, and want to verify whether the problem is with Google Public DNS, please try resolve the domain first at: https://dns.In the following steps, replace If the output shows an answer section with an A record for the hostname, then Google Public DNS is able to resolve the name.

To verify whether Google Public DNS can resolve the hostname without performing DNSSEC validation, run the following command: If you cannot get a successful result without DNSSEC validation either, continue to step 5.

DNSSEC failure often happens after a zone has switched from a hosting service that supports DNSSEC to one that does not support DNSSEC.

If the previous hosting service did not remove the DS records from the parent zone (), Google Public DNS cannot validate the zone and returns SERVFAIL.

If the result does not pinpoint the problem, you can run the following diagnostic procedure.

If you want to report a problem to our user group, please copy and paste the results of the commands in your email.

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