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Would this not act as a grass roots stimulus package instead of robbing from the tax base and our children’s future?

K wrote: I have 0,000 equity in my house, but have ,000 in credit card debt.

Posted by Gail | Filed under Credit Wise, Home Buying, This & That Everyone wants to know whether or not to consolidate their consumer debt onto their mortgage.

Well, it depends on whether you’re doing it to reduce your interest costs, or to buy room on your credit card so you can keep shopping!

But it would take some imagination and a willingness not to walk lock-step with everyone else for this to happen.

In the mean time, I hope people are learning the lesson that borrowing at any cost is NOT a good idea.

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R wrote: When purchasing our home four years ago, we decided to get a bridging loan (I still don’t understand how it works).

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