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Many of these have a simple application consisting of a few pages.Working on the application will likely help you refine your idea so even if you don't get the grant, you'll get something out of it.5) Business groups.

Oh, and it requires an idea, but we already discussed the worthiness of ideas, didn't we.

Today money is money that I can go to the bank today and receive the rectangular green yuppie food stamps I'm accustomed to using for groceries and gas. We may publish a schedule of our intent, and are free to move that schedule as priorities change.

I often work on open source software for which I receive no pay. In a start-up business, the prospective client or customer controls the schedule.

If he did, none of them would show up for work, and I wouldn't blame them for it.

As an entrepreneur, I want to instill the highest confidence in my prospective clients and customers, thus, I demand the right to set priorities and schedules of any team member in my group. Since I pay them, they consistently deliver over and above expectations.

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