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Havoc Sound is a NYC collective of quirky techno producers, with a bent towards gabber. I would definitely have to be half my age to appreciate the Hardmind Productions label, but I did enjoy Mindgame a bit.

Christian Bloch (Aabtek associate) is a minimal techno producer who had taken MP3by storm, but now keeps most of his archives on his own site.

At first, these tended toward pop, pop-rock, and variations of indie-pop, and the good pickins were slim.

Nowadays, things are starting to get interesting as these blogs specialize and adopt themes.

I've also heard that it will cease to add new entries, but fortunately will keep the archives online.

It took awhile for me to realize that private indexes of the Web were nearly outmoded by the time I had even started.At the point I decided to call it quits in 2006, I was facing yet another long and irritating task of updating broken links, and it became clear I had been poised to work against the transitory nature of the Web rather than work with it.A static index would be little or no help guiding folks to the will-o-wisp MP3 entries from the rare/out-of-print music blogs, which is where the best online music was happening.Little surprise WFMU's Beware of the Blog should blow most other music blogs out of the water with its vast curiosity-cabinet of unusual recordings.They seem ready to become as big an archive as Ubuweb by maintaining their downloads.

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--EC Brown 12.2007 Epitonic was a godsend after originally trudging through the great trash heap known as MP3

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