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The church was vaulted in wood in the eighteenth century, but the nave vaults were removed in the twentieth century.

The relatively short period of construction for such a large church is fairly unusual in England and an indication of the wealth of Boston.

Historically, the transformation from a small church to the equivalent of a continental European cathedral was begun in 1309 under Sir John Truesdale, Vicar of St Botolph's at a time of historical change and upheaval across the continent and England following the arrests of the Knights Templar by Phillippe the Fair of France on Friday 13 October 1307.

What is beyond doubt is that the Boston Stump is not the first church to have been built on the site.It can be seen for miles around; its prominence accentuated by the flat surrounding countryside known as The Fens.On a clear day, it can be seen from East Anglia on the other side of The Wash.For approximately the next 20 years, theological determination was disputed between the crown, nobility, and clergy in England.Political turmoil from these events led to the Hundred Years War and the eventual formation of the Church of England as we understand it today.

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