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The DOE funding point of contact for this project is Rick Elliott, out of the Washington D. office; the Sandia project manager is David Borns; and David Lord leads the technical team that includes experts from Sandia, as well as the University of North Dakota and private industry.e COQA has offered their support to the DOE in this effort, particularly as it relates to the acquisition of appropriate samples for investigation.The COQA will look forward to updates on this project at future meetings.A chart showing data from EIA highlighted the phenomenal growth in the Bakken-increasing 10 fold in the 8 year period of January 2007 to January 2015, from 133K b/d to 1.3 million b/d.In the past few months, production has declined due to the lower crude prices.In addition to the on-going projects, new activities include: Dennis Sutton, COQA Executive Director, concluded the day’s presentations by summarizing recent crude oil conferences and events.As the COQA has grown in prominence and visibility, we are often asked to partner with various industry events, e.g.Summarizing crude by rail and noting some of the major incidents, as movements of crude by rail have grown ~40 fold, incidents involving railroad tank cars carrying crude have grown also, about 16 fold.

Kirk Walztoni, Refinery Planning Manager, provided a look at Northern Tier Energy (NTE), and specifically their refinery located on the southeast side of the Twin Cities. Paul Park Refinery was started in 1939 by Northwest Refining, was purchased by Northern Tier from Marathon in 2010, and most recently, in 2013, Western Refining acquired a 39% stake in Northern Tier. Paul Park facility has been quite profitable and in 2014 was ranked #3 among US Independent Refiners in Gross Margin per Barrel.

As the CCQTA has grown in number of projects and recognition, they are moving from a volunteer board to a governance board and are also evaluating new approaches to project funding.

The CCQTA currently has 84 member companies and 11 member funded projects.

Argus Americas Crude Conference, and are invited to speak at crude oil related conferences.

Dennis highlighted five recent events he and the COQA have been a part of.

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Corbett's journey to avenging Lincoln The company that now controls several patents for this remarkable technology is building out a pipeline that also addresses other hereditary conditions.

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