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A recent detection name that has been used in relation to this botnet is “Mevade.A”, but older references suggest the name “Sefnit”, which dates back to at least 2009 and also included Tor connectivity.Even prior to the switch to Tor, it consisted of tens of thousands of confirmed infections within a limited amount of networks.When these numbers are extrapolated on a per country and global scale, these are definitely in the same ballpark as the Tor user increase.These settings incidentally leave password protection on.Give this a try, if you too have usernames which don't match between machines. Am trying to install build 10074 on a freshly formatted (no dual boot) 256GB SSD in my Dell XPS 12 via USB.We have found various references that the malware is internally known as SBC to its operators.Previously, the botnet communicated mainly using HTTP as well as alternative communication methods.

Until you do this, your problem is different from Peters. I noticed, while checking everything I could think of, that both of our PCs had been assigned different IP addresses to what they had previously. I changed them back, using my router's software interface, to the static IP addresses they had beforehand and the Network Credential issue immediately disappeared.On the problem machine I kept getting the constant request for Network Credentials, which no username or password would satisfy. My solution was to set up a new user account using my normal username, and delete the old one keeping my files of documents, favourites etc.Having transferred the old files over to the new user account, I have lost nothing but can now access my network without having to give any passwords.Recently, Roger Dingledine described a sudden increase in Tor users on the Tor Talk mailinglist.To date there has been a large amount of speculation as to why this may have happened.

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