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Just because you share a mutual friend or enjoy the same activities does not mean you can put your complete trust in that person.At the same time, entering into a new relationship requires that we share with others who we are, what we like, how we spend our lives.So we need to know what we are looking for from dating and make sure the person or people we date want the same things.Read our Guide to Internet Dating for more information about the over 50s dating services available to use and how to get the best from it.Many of us, when we are over 50 or over 60 find ourselves without a partner and wishing to find one.Regardless of how happy we are being single or whether we have come to terms with bereavement or divorce, regardless of how wide our social circle, we may still seek a degree of sharing and intimacy that is not met by family and friends.

Our family and friends may take it upon themselves to pass judgement just as our parents may have all those years ago.Firstly, make sure you are happy with your life as it is.Dating will not cure any problems or personal issues.What people seek in a partner can vary from a soul mate or life partner, a close friendship, someone with whom to enjoy leisure time, through to a one time date or sexual encounter.With the rise of internet dating and its ease of meeting people, dating as a social activity has become an end in itself for some.

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Due to longer, healthier lives and increased divorce rates in the over 60’s, the number of available potential partners is higher than ever.

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