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The IRS has the legislative authority to “levy” a taxpayer’s income and assets when there is a demand for payment and there has been a refusal or an inability to pay by the taxpayer subject to the levy.There are statutory limitations on the legislative authority delegated to the IRS by Congress in circumstance where an IRS levy of income and assets creates an economic hardship on individuals and businesses.Therefore, collection is completed before the case is received by an IRS Appeals Office.The situation is worse for salary garnishments which are continuous.More assistance is needed from the Congress to remedy the IRS abuses of existing law.As a non-profit tax exempt organization, the IRS Forum cannot lobby the Congress.

It is hoped that those who contact their Congressional representative will join and unite with similarly situated taxpayers in the IRS Forum.Congress has passed law clearly indicating that it does not want the IRS to levy a taxpayer in any circumstance which results in an economic hardship[1] to the taxpayer.Tax regulations have defined economic hardship as money needed for reasonable basic living expenses[2].Notwithstanding the clear intent of the law precluding a levy that creates an economic hardship, taxpayers throughout the U. will testify to their Congressional representatives, and we will document in the IRS Forum, that the IRS regularly exceeds its legislative authority to levy[3].The IRS Forum will accomplish four objectives from a data base of unlimited duration based upon actual case histories of IRS levy abuse case histories: Given the large amount of unreasonable levies against taxpayers, Congress added a new statute in 1998[4] requiring the IRS to provide a Notice of Levy to taxpayers.

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