Autocad xref layer color not updating

If applied correctly in the Sheet File, the individual viewports will have the ability to look different from one another.Since they all say Xref under Space, look to the description (see image above).The viewports in here will be used to create the layer states that will be used in the Sheet File and that is all.It is in the best interest of the drafter to create the layer states here in the Model file because there will be fewer of them and they will be more easily updated.They can look exactly the same to start, which is ok.They will probably be a little messy, that’s ok too.Now, jumping back over to the Sheet File, be sure to activate the viewport in the layout before applying the layer state.

Then jump to the layout tab and create viewports for what you need to see.First, this is how this example project was set up, it is very simple.There is one Model File that is in one folder and one Sheet File which has the Model File xreffed into it.The regular kinds of overrides will be applied, door and window tags to architectural and furniture tags etc., to the furniture plan. This is the key, this will allow you to apply multiple layer states to different viewports on the Sheet File. When applying the layer states in the Sheet File viewports, you will not be able to see which layer states are model based, and which are layout based, they all say “xref”.This is why it is a good idea to place descriptive information that will help you in the description field.

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