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And you must play it much more than once.”Can you talk us through Pip Williams’ role?He’s been with the band for three albums, recording the choirs and orchestras and helping to perfect the scores, from the final Tarja-fronted release, , onwards.The film is about the power of imagination and memory, also the amazing things that unconditional love can achieve.”All of this is no great surprise. “The public perception of Nightwish isn’t necessarily true. I encounter lots and lots of people that think we do everything with a serious face.After all, the band’s music has always had cinematic scope and you have spoken many times of your hopes to score a movie in later, post-Nightwish, years? When they get to spend some time around us they realise that it’s quite untrue.Tuomas: “Not at all, because you are making that observation after just a first listen. I’m not going to repeat the cliché of, ‘Oh, this is the best album that my band has done’ because at this moment I still don’t know whether that’s true.It’s definitely the most theatrical thing we’ve ever attempted.You can watch them time and time again and you are never bored.”You’ve cited the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, film score legend Ennio Morricone and Tim Burton, whose quirky films include as other personal heroes. Tuomas: “We are in some small cameo roles in the film. Personally I have a very little role as a 47-year-old Tuomas but we were very strict about not being seen too much. None of us know how to act, so I told the director: ‘Use us as little as possible.’”, which took place for the benefit of the media in London, the band’s orchestrator, Pip Williams, described the album as “Tuomas’s masterpiece”.Do you agree that it’s deeper and perhaps a little less accessible than ?

She was replaced by After Forever’s Floor Jansen the following year during a tour schedule that would nearly destroy drummer Jukka Nevalainen. He thought it was excellent, saying that nobody had done anything like it before. He suggested that we make a full-length drama movie that would condense those songs ideas of mine into the script.

The movie and the album don’t have that much in common.

There are some similarities, of course, but also a lot of differences.

(In an interview Tarja explained that in 2016 they had plans to move back to Europe due to her touring schedule and that their daughter was starting school in the coming year.

was a sprawling, symphonic metal epic bolstered by live chorale and orchestral arrangements that showcased founder Tuomas Holopainen’s compositional skills as well as then-singer Anette Olzon’s vocal talents. Back in 2007 I started to wonder what we could do after .

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Tuomas: “A little, I guess, but it felt like the natural thing to do. Rock music has such a rich history: We love being the first to do something extraordinary.

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