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A bugbear appears in the season five episode Slice of Life.

It is a large creature with the upper body, arms, and legs of a panda bear and the antennae, wings, and stinger of a bumblebee.

Huntsville native Mc Donald is in the Top 9 contestants of "American Idol." Read more about Reed and Mc Donald's relationship from E!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic hosts an array of creatures that have a counterpart in both mythology and fantasy, some of which are far more removed from their realistic counterpart than usual animals.

While most beings are from real-life known myths and legends, others are completely original and made up for the show, such as breezies.

He has an elongated dog-like head, with eyes positioned over his nose at the end of his snout.

He walks on all fours, with dog-like hind limbs and ape-like forelimbs, and a long monkey-like tail with a hand on its end.

Ahuizotl has a tuxedo-style coat, having dark blue fur over most of his body, while his stomach, jaws and hands are of a lighter blue.

A centaur called Lord Tirek appears in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 and Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2.

He possesses a humanoid upper body with reddish skin, grey hair, a black coat covering his torso, black eyes with yellow pupils, and a lower body and horns resembling that of a black bull.

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