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I feared the “listening comprehension part” of the exam and I toyed several times with the idea of ​​giving up and resigning from the exam.Luckily, my teachers had a lot of understanding and faith in me.The teachers are well qualified and at the same time they are able to create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.The bonds that we have established with them go beyond the simple teacher-student relationship.As soon as I arrived at school, I found a welcoming environment where people will make you feel at ease straight away.At LTL one thing is for sure, you will never feel alone. As for the lessons you will be followed step by step, and everything is very flexible according to your needs.

I am very glad to have found LTL, and that I chose to do the 3 city program.They also organized trips to places I never would have found on my own, like a hike to a remote part of the Great Wall and the Shanghai Marriage Market.When I arrived in Shanghai I had no idea if I had set myself up for months of pain or an awesome experience.Sure, there will be initial difficulties due to the linguistic and cultural differences.However, all the friendships that you can build will transform what is a simple study trip into an experience that you will carry with you forever.

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In particular I wanted to work on my listening comprehension which was often neglected in my university course with about 15-20 students.

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