16 year age gap dating

I had just turned 17 when I went on a date with a guy that’s 12 ½ years older than me.

Although we are at different stages of our lives, which could be seen as an obstacle, our relationship is solid and my partner is planning to move with me to university.That’s how it supposed to be, regardless of whether you are the same age or if there’s an age gap.Age gaps in relationships can become a problem if the couple don’t share the same core values about life, or if they lack the necessary skills and experience to maintain a relationship.I realized that I had to get out of the relationship before I made the mistake of getting her pregnant. I broke up with her, had sex with about 30 more women and then met my fiance.When I look back now, I’m so glad that I had the courage to break up with the 18 year old.

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